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[21 Jan 2009 | One Comment | ]

“This world is not my home
I’m just a-passing through”
– Alfred Brumley
Well, fine, but please hurry on through. Please be polite and leave everything like you found it.  Preesh.

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[14 Jan 2009 | Comments Off on driving the point home | ]

I was just behind a person with a bumper sticker that read “Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven” who passed on the shoulder right next to a sign that read “No Passing On Shoulder.”
Can someone explain again to me this “objective basis for morality” thing?

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[22 Dec 2008 | Comments Off on to twist a rope of sand | ]

When I was a Christian, I was always ready to jump on any attempt to question Christianity or any assertion of one’s civil rights that ran counter to MY interpretation of the intent of the New Testament as “persecution.”  Now, when I see the word “persecution” – especially when used by those claiming to be persecuted – I immediately start forming questions in my head.  It’s pretty rare for them to include examples of what they’re terming as persecution.  Clearly, when you read of Christians and Jews being killed or …