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[31 Dec 2008 | Comments Off on mortifying reflection | ]

I just went over some of my fitness goals for 2009.  If I can stick to an actually-achievable goal schedule, the difference I could make in just four months is pretty amazing.  It will take a LOT of iron slung about, and a LOT of protein.  But – I did it in 2006, and I’ve managed to retain a lot of that muscle mass, even if a fair amount of bodyfat found its way back on.  We’ll see how it goes.
Try not.  Do or do not.  There is no try.

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[31 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on of whom I am chief | ]

I’ve been trying to catch up on this guy‘s posts – he runs the range of the humanities and beyond.  This one I found exemplifies the state of modern humanity.  Here’s the telling quote:
I sometimes wonder what an ancient Greek, transported through time, would think of us, cooped up indoors as we are much of the time, hunched over a computer keyboard or staring slack-jawed at a television screen. I suspect he would laugh at our pale, puffy bodies, never exposed to wind or sun, and would regard us as …