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[16 Nov 2012 | Comments Off on nobody can bring you peace | ]

A mid-day reminder to see the beautiful in everything.

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[8 Oct 2012 | Comments Off on the chief enemy | ]

I wonder when we stop wondering? Perhaps when we think we know it all.

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[24 Sep 2012 | Comments Off on the world is so rich | ]

It’s almost if the man knew a secret the rest of us don’t. In many cases, he did.

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[23 Aug 2012 | Comments Off on to make up one’s mind | ]

An entertaining and engaging discussion by Neil DeGrasse Tyson about sciency things. If it makes your brain hurt, keep watching. That means it’s working.

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[20 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on the feelings of others | ]

The problem with tragedy is that it inspires the opposite of thought.