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the rules of the game

10 November 2014 no comment

I just got this from a national security organization.  I will link to it, as I firmly believe it is a good effort.

Except for the email itself.  Because NONE of the links embedded in the email point to staysafeonline.org.

Not. One.



Even though the links are all jumbly-techword speak from MailChimp, they seem to be a forthright organization with noble goals, and a good overall business model.  But these tactics fly in the face of what we are having to tell the people that depend on us, namely “If the link doesn’t match the domain, it’s probably a phish.”

Clearly, the links are not deceptive (they immediately resolve to the NCSA domain), nor do they hide behind other safe-looking hrefs.  But there’s just something about this that makes me say “can’t we do better than this?”



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