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I think there’s time

19 May 2011 one comment

from the Hemoth Chushae:

And the day passed, and crept into night, and late in the evening the moon rose high into the sky.  And the young hound raised herself, and ran to the top of the hill on the north side of the vale.  And lifting her head up, she howled into the wind, and it echoed across the stone of the hills.  And Ioson smiled, and said to Eshtoth, “She howls at the moon.” And Eshtoth, frowning, took his pipe from his mouth, and said, “Nay, she does not howl. She calls.”

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  • Deb said:

    Love the glyph! It’s almost tribal. If I were of a mind, I would put it upon my flesh.

    It’s a wonder to me that I don’t love dragons more, given my own predilection for fire-breathing. Hmm, perhaps I should ponder this more.