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away from the wilds

5 August 2010 2 comments

Thanks to I Can Has Cheezburger for the following link.  Also, mad props to Big Cat Rescue for doing what they do.

All the cats are SO beautiful, but the black panther behaves just like Mindy did and Miggy does when the ‘nip is in play. (also, note when the black panther does the Pixar grin.  I also heard Durante’s voice creep in there as well)

I am an ailurophile on the highest order, but at no time do I feel some sort of pull to get in a cage with one of these guys.  As I have said for years, Wild Means Wild.  The reason these are in cages is because someone who held the immoral belief that man has dominion over nature chose to spend money on them, and treat them like toys until they either got unmanageable (like wild things do), or the “owners” began to abuse them.  When a human is injured by a big cat (or any other wild animal, in general), I feel two levels of sadness: one, that the government will choose to kill the animal because of the human’s transgression, and two, that the human’s family had to suffer because of their kinsman’s stupidity.


  • Deb Seaton said:

    Wow, the cheetah is a delight! None of my cats ever cared much for catnip, but I never gave it to them loose-leaf either; it was always “in a toy.” (Maybe there wasn’t any catnip to speak of it in?) Or maybe they were just lions.

    Funny — not a one of them cares for the paper sack, eh? LOL!

    I am heartbroken when an animal is killed just for being an animal. We belong to the Earth, not the other way ’round. “Steer a wide berth” would seem a rational response. The animal kingdom seems to do that very well, instinctually. I’m not sure where our hubris comes from. Oh yeah, “god.”

    Regarding the second half of your last line: “Natural selection works in mysterious ways.”

  • Linda said:

    Catnip = kitty crack! I was just talking about Mindy yesterday. She was such a sweetie. Check out Turpentine Creek. If you and Carm ever go to Branson with us we will take you there. It’s outside Eureka Springs. Feeding time is amazing and a bit scary too!