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fine command

15 June 2010 no comment

Back from hiatus.  I was going over my administrative page and noticed that I have about ten draft posts that I have never finished completely.  I have a hard time wanting to post them, either.  They hit me when I was thinking about them, and then the spirit drained away.  Largely because, now that I’ve had time to think about them, I see how they could be misunderstood, ignored, or cause someone else to implicitly tell me I’m going to hell. (sad thing – I have second- and third-guessed myself for even having used the word “cause” in the previous sentence, for fear that someone is going to dispute whether I could possibly cause an action in otherwise free-willed adults.)

So, I decided to post this.  Not because of any reason, other than he’s British (for which I have a just-short-of-being-an-Anglophile affinity), and he’s funny.  I am not saying I agree with him, in any way. Nor am I not.  Especially since that was a double-negative.

(watch David on That Mitchell and Webb Look and Peep Show on BBC America – and don’t forget to catch Top Gear there as well)

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