Since the snow has been falling, I’ve been filling the bird feeder more rapidly.  I get the Publix-branded seed, which is very inexpensive, and lasts for a while.  The birds love it.  This morning, the birds were scrambling around the deck (a cat had visited at some point, based on the tracks in the snow), and the snow was falling in the sunlight, creating shimmering lights wafting down through the trees.  I was struck how much my Mom would have liked the view.

The birds are pretty common all year, and you can see them just about any moment of any month.

In addition, there have been a few irregulars:

One I have seen before, when we put out suet, was the Pileated Woodpecker.  If you’ve never seen one of these up close, they are impressive.  They have the same flight pattern as most of the Woodpecker family (a long, up/down, close-to-the-ground pattern), but they have about a 3-5 foot wingspan.  They are huge.  Easily as big as the crows.  Seeing one fly up from the woods is impressive.  Unfortunately, suet isn’t as cheap as the seed is, so the birds will have to do without the added energy this winter.

Finally, our cat treats the whole show through the rear door as some sort of Food Network for felines.  That, along with the heating pad, provides the old girl with a good time that lasts all day.