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no one ever seizes power

24 December 2009 one comment

CNN Article: “Bill would lower volume of loud TV commercials

Why must we have a law for everything?  How is it that we have abandoned being responsible citizens for wanting the government to do everything for us?

Every law we ask for is a step closer to the Big Brother each of us decries.

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  • Emily Overturf said:

    I so agree. I think it is as much as not being responsible as not thinking. Not wanting to think. The cattle complex is previlant and I believe it is what is bleeding through to industry, education and technology in this country. It is what is making the US weak and faultering in advancement. No one around to tell the newbeies (who only know how to follow) what to do and or how to think. Now inovation, no competition, no drive in these people will bring down the country quicker than any enemy at the gates.