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24 October 2009 2 comments

Today,  I spent several hours working with the crew at WRFN, Radio Free Nashville. It is a low-power station that has eclectic programming, and very cool people.

Today, we moved the computer equipment out of the production studio (which should drop the temperature in that room significantly) to a different room with a proper rack and everything.   We ran several cables and my day job skills were put to use in mounting and punching down CAT5 jacks and patch panels.   There was also “grunt work” involved; I took baseboards off so others could paint – I went under the house (!) and didn’t get freaked out by spiders.  Lunch was fantastic – I forgot where it was from, but it is a popular restaurant – and some folks brought in their own dishes as well (the chicken noodles were HAWESOME).

But let me go back to the folks.  They were truly great.  Very nice, accommodating, giving, informative, helpful.  And most of them are (gasp) godless liberals!  There were several unflattering posters of GW on the walls – I’m fine with that, though – I’m an equal opportunity opponent.  I think ALL politicians suck.  Anyway, I was grateful for the opportunity to help out.  I may even take them up on the on-air offer.


  • DG Seaton said:

    While your poems may not have titles, your blog posts always do, and they are frequently curious. Care to share, consistently, on what impetus gives rise to the naming conventions? Some are obvious to suss; some are less so. But it’s not even so much “what” it means that I find notable; it’s “how” it got named that seems to beckon.

    On this one, I assume you refer to the mechanics of radio transmission, and the old AM radios that just had a coil, antenna, and a detector. But maybe I’m wrong. And certainly, some other subject titles are less obvious. I wish you could put little electronic post it notes behind the titles, so when the reader was curious, he/she could Click, and know more. 😉

  • dan (author) said:

    Titling is the most time-consuming part of most of my entries. Just wrap the phrase up in quotes and Google it.