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11 August 2009 no comment

I was working on the map of the planet tonight, calculating measurements.  I have drawn it on grid paper (made it mahself in Word), onto a matrix of 36 squares by 18.  Obviously, this is to work out the “degrees” of the sphere.  I have also been laboring under the design assumption that the squares are 720 miles each side.  This gives me a planet with a tidy circumference of 25,920 miles.  Immediately, I began to see my problem.  The longitude is only comprised of eighteen squares, for a total of half that.  I hadn’t designed a sphere.  I had based my New World on the shape of a Mentos.

Ptolemy and Marinus of Tyre had already figured this out.  In 100CE.  I’m guessing, however, they had plenty of time on their hands.  I, however, have the Internet – praise Google.  So, redrawing or Photoshopping it into a Mollweide or Flat Polar Quartic model is the next item on the list.  That, and words, words, words.

“It is said that at the dawn of the Tialdor on Atkelem, one could set out walking East or West, and one day return to the exact spot one had left years before.”

— from the Atlas

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