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24 April 2009 no comment

1:11 AM and I’m just now drowsy. Actually,  I was plenty drowsy when I was supposed to be drowsy and going to bed – that just wasn’t really an option.  So I got over that, and spent the next couple of hours blogging a draft reply to my “Perplexing” post from a month or so ago.   It’s taking longer than I had hoped because (a) it’s really tough to care about anything optional since everything at work is like a daily sledgehammer beating (b) I am rightfully held to a high intellectual standard by my friends and family, and (c) crafting an atheistic diatribe using the Bible is confusing – but only because there’s so much material to sort through.  I don’t know how many times I have been told during the course of an argument “you’re using my words against me” – well, yeah.  How better to make a point?

Nevertheless, the response is forthcoming.

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