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the province of danger

13 December 2008 no comment

I came across this animated comic while searching idly on the Net; I was instantly captivated.  The artwork is amazing.  The production quality is superb.  And the story is true. (link – NOTE: Soldier Language)

The story is from U.S. Army Specialist Colby Buzzell; he maintained an anonymous blog from Iraq; after he got back, he put everything into a book (link to Amazon).  Interestingly, he was called up again in 2008; at Ft. Benning they recommended a “NOT DEPLOYABLE” due to PTSD.

It also captured me because my brother-in-law is safely back in the States after his third tour in Iraq.  I’ve been able to hear many stories from him about the goings-on; mostly stuff we never get to hear on CNN.  I got to see a video that was shot while he was in a Humvee of an IED going off; the ground to the right of the vehicle instantly lifted into a huge ball of dirt and concrete, rocking the Humvee and showering it in debris.  I also heard about the IED (that wasn’t videotaped) which was the cause of many visits to the surgeon.  Of new schools.  Of posturing politicians.  Curious children.  Stars.  Entourages.  Wanna-be warlords.  Sand and more sand.  And through it all: the American Soldier.

Warriors.  Experts.  Professionals.  Guardians of freedom.  And of your way of life.

Next time you see one in a mall, an airport, a church – make the next minute in your head a combination of Veterans’ Day, Flag Day, and the Fourth of July.  Then shake his or her hand and thank them.  And you better mean it.  Because when it comes to defending the United States of America, they mean it.

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