So my mind wanders…

I am a B

I am a B-U

I am a B-U-D-D-H-I-S-T (hold the “s” out)

and I’ve got B-U-D-D-H-A in my H-E-A-R-T

and I will be R-E-I-N-C-A-R-N-A-T-E-D

I giggled stupidly at this one:

Buddha, Buddha, be like Buddha

Don’t be like a barracuda (makes as much sense as a grouchy rooster…)

Buddha, Buddha, be like Buddha

and BOOST the Noble Truths

Actually, take any Vacation Bible School song, and wherever you hear “Jesus,” replace it with “Buddha.”  Or the word “Christian” for “Krishna.”  It’s at least as funny as doing “between the sheets.”