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5 December 2008 one comment

Very early this morning, I received an email from one of my co-workers whom I’ve known for over a decade now and I consider one of my very closest friends. His sister’s son was shot and killed late last night by his brother’s son (victim and shooter were cousins). Without going into details, this is one of a series of sorrows that has befallen my friend’s family. In addition, his mom (victim and shooter’s grandmother) is in poor health, and has been for some time. He has taken today off and no doubt will be headed to upstate New York to be with his family.

I post this, without discussion of my beliefs or language referencing anyone’s, to request that my friend (his name is Kelvin) and his family be kept in your thoughts and prayers. I will edit this post as information comes in.

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  • Linda said:

    If you talk to Kelvin, please let him know he and his family will be in Scott and my prayers as well as the congergation at Levy.