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the thing with feathers

5 November 2008 no comment

Being walkers with the dawn and morning,
Walkers with the sun and morning,
We are not afraid of night,
Nor days of gloom,
Nor darkness–
Being walkers with the sun and morning.

Langston Hughes

I thought last night of the persistent phrase that Republican pundits have used since 2002: the Democrats would be “on the wrong side of history.”  History proved each pundit amazingly wrong.  I thought of the people that are predicting socialism, widespread abrogation of rights, and a decline of society.  I thought of the people that claim their personal knowledge of our President-elect’s religious affiliation, his associations, his qualifications, and his beliefs about the direction of the country. I think the rancor of this election begs the question:

Which side of history will you be on?

from Wil Wheaton‘s blog:

I do have some horribly ignorant friends who say that the world is coming to an end this January and that God will pass judgment on our country for doing the wrong thing.

Wait. Why am I friends with these people again?

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