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a slave to history

21 September 2008 one comment

The sermon today once again mentioned the notion of the Israelites
being “slaves” in Egypt. The more I look into the historical and
archaeological evidence, not to mention the logic thereabout, it just
doesn’t look true anymore. They look more like mercenaries or
contractors. Think “Blackwater,” circa 20th Century (BCE, that is…)

(EDIT: link to supporting documentation)

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  • Andy Forsythe said:

    From what I have been told, there is no substantial historical evidence other than the Pentateuch about the slavery in Egypt. My prof. theorized that it could have been a tribe of about forty people (if any) that escaped slavery. Which leads us to two new questions. Who built the pyramids? Are there any other ethnic groups who have been “let loose” by their oppressors. It’s been a while since I’ve been on your blog…I’ve been damn busy. I will see you guys next weekend. It’s TNU homecoming. I hope you are in town and without the whoop-ass cough.