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23 June 2008 no comment

Props to this man for losing eighty pounds.  However…..

CNN – 80 lbs. lost on McMiracle diet

Nearly anything that actually gets that much extra bodyfat off you is good.  The man had a fifty-inch waist.  However, the quality of food he used to get where he is now is atrocious.  Never, ever, ever, should you skip breakfast.  Let alone while substituting the most powerful diuretic outside of a pill.  Caffeine plus an unexercised heart is a simple equation for heart attack.

The list of things he should do continues; eat a balanced quality-carb/protein breakfast, start working out hard (by the look of the “after” picture, concentrating on the legs – men over thirty start to lose testosterone, and it manifests itself in part by decreased muscle in the rear and legs, and greater visceral fat retention), add a couple of small protein snacks during the day (a lowfat cheese stick and a whole-wheat bagel slice, for example), drink more water, cut out nearly ALL the alcohol in his life, drop his dinnertime calories by half, and get on a sensible, non-overdone cardio program.

This is not an attempt to rain on someone’s parade; there are a lot of ways someone can lose weight.  But the idea of dropping pounds for pounds’ sake is ridiculous.  If that is the case, then we should be praising  bulimics as if they were stars.  Oh, wait…

Weight doesn’t kill you; lack of fitness can – one’s bodyfat is just the most visible sign of a lack of fitness.  And fixing it is surprisingly simple.  You’ll note I didn’t say easy – everybody always wants to do the easy thing.  Cause marriage, for example, is easy.  Your job, I’m sure, is easy.  Raising kids, no doubt, is easy.  College, if I remember, is easy.  Am I right?

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