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gas rings

21 June 2008 no comment

I am lucky to be able to have two cars to depend on; when I got the Jeep, we decided to keep the Saturn.  Even though it was ten years old, it was still running, was in perfect condition (only two minor fenders-bender; neither my fault!), had never needed any real underhood work (the power of regular maintenance), and still had a really good interior.  So, it was good to haul it out today after I left the top down on the Jeep for what started out to be a beautiful blue-sky day with a few patchy clouds.  Two hours later, a school of fish could have swam in the floorboard.  Of course, that is why it has drain plugs.  Nevertheless, I didn’t feel like driving to work today with wet pants, so I drove the Saturn.  It feels LOW, and cramped, compared to the Jeep, but it also feels far more in contact with the road.  Plus, for a stock stereo system, the Saturn’s rocks.  I had to get a six-speaker system with a sub to top it in the Jeep.  Plus, the ability to pull down 35 MPG doesn’t suck right now, either.  You all know I love my Jeep, but as cars go, I’d get another Saturn if I had to.  Beautiful thing is – I don’t.  Mine’s still running strong.

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