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let’s do lunch

24 April 2008 no comment

Here is an open challenge – find me a better meal for you than this one.

The Chick-fil-a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich – Here’s the skinny (pun intended).  Boneless chicken breast, marinated in some sort of yummy-sauce, on a wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, and pickle.  It comes with Honey Roasted BBQ sauce, and in the combo, is accompanied by waffle-cut fries and a drink.

How to make it good for you:  substitute the fruit cup for the fries; it’s more expensive, but you’re buying better health and an insulin-crash-free afternoon (with help from the non-processed-flour bun).  If you don’t drink Diet Coke or an equivalent, get water.  Lose the sauce packet.  The thing is tasty enough by itself.  Don’t supersize it; you’re not really that hungry.  Especially not if you’re eating like you should – healthy snacks in-between meals.

The results?  320 calories,  3.5g of fat (only one gram saturated), 43g carbs (none of it processed), and 28g of protein (which you need, because you’re working out regularly, right? RIGHT?).  And you will be full.  To reiterate my challenge: find me a better meal for you that you can get without making it yourself or spending over seven bucks.

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