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10 February 2008 no comment

One of the things I like about posting from the Blackberry is that I can do this before I forget about it. Like right now, I’m eating at Razzoo’s in Dallas. It may not be super-authentic, but its a damn sight closer to Cajun than nearly anyplace we have in Nashville. I started with some fried pickles, which are great – I’m fighting the urge to call Carmen and gloat that I’m having them and she’s not. And I’m by myself, and there’s enough for four people. A box will be forthcoming.

Now in front of me is their Sampler, which is rice, beans, etouffee, jambalaya, and a big slab of andouille across the top. Oh, so good. Most places that deign to call themselves Cajun force me to load up on Louisiana Hot Sauce to give it the heat it needs to make it believable. Not this place. This is plenty spicy right in the skillet. Any more and it would approach the “evil” category. And if you’re on the Expressway in Dallas and you decide to stop by, come hungry. This plate (its actually a skillet) is HUGE.

The tagline on their coasters says “featuring anything that grows in a swamp.”. This is not quite accurate, which benefits their customers. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in swamps across the South, and I have run into things that aren’t on the menu here. They do have alligator, which I’ve never run into in a swamp, per se (I’ve only come close in the Florida Everglades – and he was about thirteen feet long). Still, I don’t know how well Cottonmouth, Turtle, and Nutria would sell.

With appetizer, entree, and sweet tea (which was Texas sweet, not Louisiana sweet), it was just under twenty bucks. And honestly, two hungry people could have shared everything I got and only added another drink and been as full as I am right now. The waitress said the owner has several of these around Dallas, as well as one in Houston and Austin, and is slowly working on expansion. I wonder if a well-crafted letter of praise might get him to consider Nashville. This, near Cool Springs, would KILL.

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