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31 January 2008 2 comments

An open note to the people who keep bright-lighting me:

My brights are not on.

Here’s the deal: you don’t bright-light me, I won’t put it into four-wheel low and crawl over your car.  Sound fair?


  • Marla said:

    I get that with my car too. Obviously I can’t roll over anyone’s car with the Prius….but one night someone (large Dodge pick up) kept hitting his lights. I ignored it for a while. Bill finally said “Dude..I promise you don’t want this!”. He decided to leave his bright lights on. (It was a really LONG light!) SO..I turned mine on! It took a couple of seconds and he turned his off. Bill said “I didn’t think so!”. Don’t mess with the little new cars with the bright blue lights!!!

  • Nick said:

    Dude, I dont care if they have their lights off, I want you to STILL put it in four wheel low and crawl over their cars cause that my friend is AWESOME.