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29 January 2008 no comment

Wow, it worked. So you can obviously see that the site has changed. It’s going to be a work in progress for a while; I’m still playing with the stylesheet. The WordPress engine is going to be a whole lot better for me. Mostly because the lion’s share of the work is already done; I just have to update it.

I will undergo (at some point) converting the old files over to the new format; right now you can view the old site layout at https://www.dansanders.net/old.

The biggest thing for me (and I have been wanting this for a year or so) is comment moderation. All comments have to be approved by me. This is how everybody else does it – I’ve just been lazy. So all comments going forward will be on-topic. Simple, and easy to read. Like a blog should be.

(EDIT) Oh, the RSS feed for this is the tree, upper right. I still don’t know how syndication works in this engine yet. Sorry for the inconvenience. Although it’s pretty easy if you got this far.

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